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Minster-Gothic questions and answers page.

Dear Customers, please note that all items in our Minster-Gothic Range are individualy
hand-made to order.
Hence they can be made to any size and specifications.
Our cabinet-maker is a self-employed "one-man-band".
Because of this, and due to the current shortage of good quality materials, we now have a large backlog of work.
When placing orders, please be prepared to be patient.
Due to potential delays, we will not ask for a deposit until work is due to commence on any items ordered.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  
Dave & Angela
Q & A s
Here are a selection of the most common questions that we get asked on a regular basis.
It's not a long list, but it may save you the the trouble of  an email, online enquiry form, or phone call.

Q # 1. Wherabouts in the UK can you deliver?

Answer.  As far as we know, anywhere! We have delivered items personally as far north as Fort Augustus in Scotland, and as far south-west as Marazion in Cornwall.  Plus too many other UK locations to mention.  Normally we like to carry out our own deliveries in our trusty old Merc Viano.  
We only charge basic expenses, fuel etc. We do not charge an hourly rate for our time.
We love to meet our customers in person, so we treat it as a husband/wife ride-out!  
Occasionally, when/if the need arises,  we do use the services of a reputable logistics company with whom we are happy to entrust our larger items.
For smaller items, we can often use one of the regular delivery companies to reduce cost.
We never add on a profit margin for arranging delivery. It is charged at the cost price to us, plus a small fee for packaging.

Customers are also welcome to arrange their own collection by using one of the on-line collection/delivery services such as Anyvan.com or Shipley.com

Q # 2. Wherabouts overseas can you deliver?

Answer.  As far as we know, anywhere! We've arranged shipments to Australia, the USA, Canada and numerous countries in Europe.
We'll always try to obtain the best price for shipping items overseas, but we do recommend using the more reputable international shippers, not necessarily the cheapest. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.  
As with UK deliveries we do not put a "mark-up" / profit onto the shipping charge, but we do have to ask for a contribution towards packaging charges.  
There's no getting away from the fact that international shipping for large items of furniture can be expensive, but there's no harm in asking the question.
If the shipping price leaves you reaching for the smelling-salts, remember it is out of our control!  Don't shoot the messenger!
Also it is nice to have a polite email to tell us that the shipping prices are too expensive, rather then going silent so that we think that you've been kidnapped by aliens!  
We go to a lot of time and trouble to get several shipping quotes for each shipment, so it is nice to be at least acknowledged.

However, don't forget that the exclusive Minster-Gothic range is not available anywhere else in the known universe !

Q # 3. Do you have a showroom where we can view examples of your work / items for sale?

Answer. Yes we do. However the shop is now open by appointment only.  

Most of our business is now conducted on the internet, and we are often away on deliveries. So keeping the shop open 6 days a week between just the two of us is no longer feasible.
But the shop is there, and it is no problem at all to make arrangements to open up for you should you wish to visit.
This can more often than not, be arranged at very short notice.
We very much appreciate the fact that it is not always easy or practical to order a relatively large and possibly expensive item without seeing an example of the design work and quality or craftsmanship.
We always endeavour to keep several items of Minster-Gothic, plus items from our imported, reclaimed pine Gothic range for viewing/poking/prodding.
Don't hesitate to email us at dave@minster-gothic.com to arrange a visit.
Our location is on the map below.

Any more questions?  Don't hesitate to  CONTACT US  to ask.  I can then add the Q&A to this page.

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