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We can strip paint/varnish from your furniture.

Paint & Varnish Stripping Service

As a service to customers who can get their items to us, we offer a Hot Caustic Paint and Varnish Stripping service which, as you would guess removes paint and varnish from items of furniture, doors etc.

We have over 25 years experience in this process and believe you would find it difficult to find a better service elsewhere.

Our large caustic stripping tank is heated prior to use to make the solution work faster and more efficiently, thus reducing the risk of warping and loose joints in furniture and doors.

After the arduous stripping process which often entails hand-scrubbing the items whilst they are still immersed in the caustic solution, each piece is then washed with copious amounts of water using a pressure-washer.

See the Before and After slide-shows below then scroll futher down to read further details and information.

Information / Advice / Q & A s

Although almost all Caustic Stripping is extremely successful it is not an exact science, and as such cannot be guaranteed to work in all cases and on all types of paint/varnish.  Under most conditions we can tell you when we see your items prior to stripping if the stripping process will be successful or not.  We will always be honest and tell you if we don't think the process will suit your items, and advise you not to proceed.  If you ask us to proceed with any item it will always be done at your risk entirely.

It may sound obvious, but we cannot be held responsible for any imperfections that may be found beneath layers of paint/varnish.  Such things as scorch marks from previous stripping with blow-lamps, patches of different wood pieced in during previous repairs etc. can often be revealed by the stripping process.  Also it is possible that veneered items have been painted over at some time.  The stripping process almost always starts to remove the veneer.  We don't advise caustic stripping of veneered items so will not be held responsible if you present them to us for stripping.  

Q. "Do you provide a collection and delivery service?"
A. Only in extremely exceptional circumstances.  We much prefer our customers to make their own transport arrangements. If we do collect/deliver we will have to charge at an appropriate rate.

Q. "What are the prices for the Hot Caustic Stripping service?"
A. It is difficult to give exact prices for stripping any individual item but a good rule of thumb is that the average internal door would normally cost £35.00 to strip.  An antique pine blanket box would cost £40.00 to £45.00.   We would be happy to quote prices for any other items. Just give us a call or e-mail us using details on our CONTACT US page.

Q. "Can I have a discount for having multiple items stripped?"
A. Under normal circumstances the answer is "NO" as the process is very labour intensive.  It is a misapprehension that items are merely dipped in the solution and as if by magic they are stripped.  All items are scrubbed and scraped whilst in the solution.  This entails wearing protective clothing and equipment in a hot, uncomfortable atmosphere.   However if you feel you can make a special case for a bulk discount feel free to speak to us.

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