A portfolio of a selection of so-far unused designs. - Minster Gothic. Hand-Made Furniture in a Gothic Style

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A portfolio of a selection of so-far unused designs.

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A slide-show with some of our designs, which up to now, have not left the digital drawing-board.
If any are of interest, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us button on the top menu bar.

Thank you.
(More designs coming soon!)
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Minster Gothic Styles and Finishes

Minster Classic Style Minster Rustic Style Minster Rough Sawn Finish Minster Painted Style Minster Raven Style

Click on photos to see larger examples and detailed description.
We have developed 5 distinct styles and many finishes for our Minster Gothic range and we're always open to suggestions for more!
All items in the range are available in any of the 5 styles (or a "fusion" of any) and an endless choice of finishes. Just get in touch with any ideas or questions. (Prices may have to vary for special finishes.)

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